MAIRDI was Founded in 2009. We are a leading headset solution provider with over 20 years of experience, is transforming how call center employees work by offering a range of cutting-edge communication headsets. With a focus on innovative technology, superior sound quality, and unparalleled comfort, MAIRDI headsets are helping call centers in more than 100 countries improve productivity while reducing operational costs.

Mairdi's headsets are engineered to reduce background noise, enabling clear voice communication and minimizing distractions during calls. This not only improves work efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience.

MAIRDI comprehensive collection of communication headsets includes Bluetooth headsets, telephone headsets, USB headsets, wireless headphones, and bone-conduction headphones. These headsets guarantee crystal-clear calls and deliver an exceptional audio experience, ensuring seamless communication in every interaction.

Whether you're exploring ideas for an optimized office or redefining your lifestyle, our mission is to offer to help various communication headsets and accessories for clients to meet different communication needs, dedicated to providing the best communication experience for individuals and enterprises worldwide.

Join us on this journey and excel in your endeavors.


Innovation 2022

Launched Hybrid Work Solution

Launched Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones whit a Hybrid Work Solution.
In November, its North American headquarters was established in Boulder, CO, US.

Integrating 2019

Launched UC Solutions

Successfully mass-produced ENC active noise reduction solution manufacturer
Positioning professional communication headset solution provider

Expanding 2016

Joined CeBIT In Germany

Participated in the Hannover Communication Exhibition in Germany in March, Registered the MAIRDI logo in both China & USA; Started globalizing marketing

Growing 2011

On International Stage

5 series of 3 products are all mass-produced, featuring microphone noise reduction + hearing protection functions
Participated in the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition and officially appeared on the international stage

Establish 2009

Set up Mairdi in Oct 2009

Mairdi company is established and officially entered the headphones market.

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