What are MAIRDI "QD" Headsets and Who Uses Them?

RJ9 Jack and 3.5MM Jack with IP Phone

About the QD Connector

MAIRDI "QD" headsets typically refer to headsets equipped with a Quick Disconnect (QD) feature, and audio devices that are designed for use in contact centers and other professional environments where clear communication is critical. This means the headset can be quickly disconnected from the cable, allowing users to step away from their workstations without removing the headset, offering convenience and flexibility. The QD feature allows for swift disconnection, and it often includes a built-in mechanism that automatically answers calls when the headset is connected and hangs up when it's disconnected.

MAIRDI offers a range of QD headset options, including wired headsets with 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and RJ9 connection interfaces. They are designed for use on desk phones, computers, and other audio devices.

What are MAIRDI "QD" Headsets and Who Uses Them?
QD Adapter Cable Options
The following links provide more information about the available QD adapter cable options:

What industry sectors are QD headsets most helpful?

Professionals in various industries and job roles use QD headsets for their work. Here are some examples of who uses them:

Call Center Agents: Call center employees often use QD headsets due to the need for rapid call handling. The QD feature enables them to easily move away from their desks while still being connected to their calls, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.

Customer Service Representatives: Professionals in customer service roles frequently utilize QD headsets to ensure they can manage calls and provide assistance while having the flexibility to move around a workspace or office.

Office Workers: In office environments, individuals who frequently take phone calls, participate in video conferences, or require hands-free communication utilize QD headsets to manage their communication needs effectively.

IT and Technical Support Staff: QD headsets are valuable for IT support employees who are often required to move around while troubleshooting technical issues or assisting users with computer-related problems.

Healthcare Professionals: Within healthcare settings, such as hospitals or clinics, doctors, nurses, and administrative staff use QD headsets to manage patient calls or communicate effectively while being able to move around to attend to various tasks.

Business Professionals: Executives, managers, and other business professionals who engage in numerous calls, including teleconferences, use QD headsets to maintain constant communication while having the freedom to move around their work environments.

In essence, the convenience and flexibility offered by QD headsets make them a valuable tool for professionals across a wide range of industries and job functions, enabling them to manage communications effectively while maintaining mobility within their workspaces.

Mairdi Headsets Compatibility Guide

For models and descriptions, see our corded headsets with Quick Disconnect (QD), or contact a MAIRDI headset specialist.


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